So...what do you want your target audience to hear, and how and where will they hear it? keating/co intuitively understands the power of your stories and how they will elucidate your position and clearly present your key messages — what you want your listener to hear. We couple this understanding with a deep knowledge of the most effective ways to express your message to the audiences that really matter. Our brand expression capabilities include virtually all forms of digital and traditional media, including websites, publications and video, as well as a wide range of campaign vehicles, including PR and media relations, social media, and direct marketing campaigns.

Our knowledge and stewardship of your message throughout the process is what distinguishes us from firms you have worked with. An audience’s failure to hear you is seldom due to how well a video subject is lit or the fonts, color palette or navigation of a website.

Being heard is all about getting the message straight, staying true to it and igniting it – regardless of the channel of distribution.