With the message defined, the story must be told. Storytelling is an ancient art that is at the core of today's communication. Storytelling effectively communicates relevance while viscerally connecting with its audience no matter which communications channel is utilized.

Storytelling is influential and creative. Whether about a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or an entrepreneur, stories are told every single day. These stories attempt to alter public opinion, gain positive exposure, turn a prospect into a client or signal a call to action. Everyone tells a story. What is your story? What story is important in igniting and communicating your personal brand or company's offerings, and why should it be heard?

Storytelling is a universal human activity. It defines a person or company, communicates the essence of their identity and, when delivered successfully, is heard by the audience that really matters. Is what you say believable? Is it important? Do your customers or associates tell the same story? Is it tied to your objectives? Do people listen? Are you heard? People, causes, candidates and corporations all have a story. What is the story you’re trying to tell and how effectively is it being told? Why tell this story now?

Storytelling is a deliberate, consistently-delivered collection of purposeful and timely messages that create a narrative. At keating/ co, we choreograph your story to impact the intended listener with the meaning you want them to understand. The story is crafted. The storyteller is masterful. The right words are spoken with a sense of mindfulness and authority. These things must happen if the messages are to be heard.