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re-branding the center of innovation

we have partnered with the san jose silicon valley chamber of commerce and are in the process of rebranding, restructuring and better defining the silicon valley region. in an area that is synonymous with high-tech innovation, we have created an economic development initiative which will engage local businesses and thought leaders to improve quality of life and accelerate business velocity. 


challenging economic theory

immediately following the 2008 financial crisis, George Soros and Rob Johnson engaged keating to help build an organization that would reshape global economics. the Institute for New Economic Thinking was dedicated to addressing issues ranging from innovation and sustainability to inequality, distribution and the relationship between the finance world and the general economy. keating positioned INET to advance new models for the 21st century. we worked with more than 300 economists, including five Nobel Prize winners, and scheduled and managed hundreds of interviews in the world’s leading media outlets.

defining the brand

we spearheaded coorstek’s rebranding efforts, driving media coverage of their business and industry, which was previously the lesser known enterprise of the coors family. we continue to provide strategic support, from corporate identity and articulation of their mission to brand expression and internal communications regarding major acquisitions and corporate restructuring. 

changing the narrative

when the united states polo association came to us, the sport of polo was regarded as a king’s activity. we repositioned perception surrounding the sport to generate interest in broader segments of the population - from spectators to those wishing to play recreationally. changing the narrative to focus on athleticism and inclusiveness generated positive publicity in mainstream media, from the new york times to barron’s. 

naming for urgency

we developed the name and branding system for the company that eradicated anthrax, elevating their position in the biosecurity space. our strategic messaging transformed biowall from a company that responded to disasters to one that takes proactive and preventative measures to protect lives. 

aligning messaging with outcomes

keating was hired to refine Cylance’s narrative within the cybersecurity world. we took messaging that primarily focused on how their product worked and revised it to clearly communicate that their product was the most successful at blocking malware, far exceeding the performance of all competition. we implemented a new narrative to help secure strategic media coverage in a range of national and industry publications and worked closely with them to obtain and promote multiple industry and innovation related awards.