defining the brand


keating is defining the CoorsTek brand structure. through strategic messaging and brand expression, we have elevated CoorsTek’s public presence. we began working with CoorsTek with the objectives of a) creating and elevating a refreshed brand that transforms perceptions of CoorsTek from a company of small regional facilities to the world’s largest supplier of engineered ceramics applications and b) providing CMO-level counseling, as the company transitioned from the leadership of the 4th generation Coors family members to the 5th generation family members. 

through acquisitions and growth, CoorsTek has grown into a billion dollar business, but its narrative did not reflect its status. Our message architecture system is transforming perception of CoorsTek from a small, local ceramics company into a globally connected advanced materials provider.  

by providing a range of strategic communications services for the company, including c-suite consulting, speechwriting, creative strategy and public relations, we have built awareness of CoorsTek as a highly innovative company with expertise in over 300 materials that stands as an engineering leader.

we have additionally supported CoorsTek in the public announcement, internal brand integration and onboarding for five major company acquisitions.

the messaging platform

we created a message architecture system for CoorsTek to communicate that it is a sophisticated and capable company providing customers with advanced engineering solutions on a global scale:

  • advanced ceramics are the material of choice for engineering’s toughest challenges, and no company has more experience or scale in the industry than CoorsTek.

  • ceramics play a critical role in every industry from electronics and household products to defense and medical, and CoorsTek can produce custom ceramics solutions to make products better and more reliable.

  • CoorsTek is working on a mission to make the world measurably better.

achieving outcomes

for the past 100 years, CoorsTek has been quietly producing the world’s leading engineered ceramics. as it quickly grew beyond its core competencies, its clients became either unaware of unsure of the full scale of CoorsTek’s capabilities. through our carefully considered and thoughtful communications platform, we set up a system to take CoorsTek to the media to gain coverage of its leadership changes, acquisitions and social impact, on a local and global scale. keating has provided strategic national media engagement and select tactical industry media engagement, particularly for CoorsTek’s next generation solutions such as membrane technology.  

for instance, keating secured a 5-page Forbes story placement, working with a reporter for seven months on CoorsTek’s 5th generation leadership and its position as the top producer of engineered ceramics, drawing 89,618 views online.