re-branding the center of innovation

project background

when we began working with the silicon valley chamber of commerce, they had an economic development program that did not reflect the innovative thinking and dna of the region.  

the existing program lacked a set vision for its goals and path forward, so we counseled them on re-branding the program and its structure, while defining the initiative’s two-fold mission: a) creating an environment where the businesses that operate in the region can thrive and ensure that silicon valley is considered a prime destination for those thinking about geographic relocation and b) improving the quality of life for people within the chamber’s municipalities.

in order to better align the chamber’s economic development program with the newly defined vision, we then re-named the program. previously referred to as REDI (Regional Economic Development Initiative), keating re-named the program “silicon valley IDEA” (Initiative to Drive Economic Advancement) to better reflect and embrace the region’s attitude and roots as the world’s center of innovative ideas. 

building a strategy for long-term success

we are currently working with the chamber building a media relations campaign positioning silicon valley IDEA as an organization whose role is to both develop and lead economic progress in the region. last week, we orchestrated a press conference to unveil the new name and inform the media of the initiative, as the first step of a longer term strategy. the initial press conference and surrounding strategy was locally-focused, and achieved the chamber’s desired coverage in local publications, including the Silicon Valley Business Journal and San Jose Mercury News.

as part of our longer term plan, we have set up a structure to provide definition of what the silicon valley chamber of commerce is trying to achieve, a structure for the program to accomplish their goals and a brand expression strategy to showcase their work.