challenging the prevailing economic pradigm

immediately following the 2008 financial crisis, George Soros and Rob Johnson engaged keating to help build an organization that would reshape global economics, the Institute for New Economic Thinking. an organization dedicated to addressing issues ranging from innovation and sustainability to inequality, distribution and the relationship between the finance world and the general economy, keating positioned INET to advance new models for the 21st century. 

project background

creating a dialogue surrounding economic theory

  • keating produced INET’s first ever annual report to express the need to challenge economic theory and highlight the organization’s achievements
  • keating put forth INET’s first ever grant yearbook to highlight research and insights surrounding new economic theory
  • keating created and executed a successful campus outreach program, encouraging students to think differently and challenge existing economic theory

building a platform for discussion

  • keating worked with more than 300 economists, including five Nobel Prize winners, to facilitate constructive conversation surrounding the economic crisis
  • keating scheduled and managed 159 interviews in 66 of the world’s leading media outlet

achieving outcomes

in the wake of the financial crisis, George Soros and Rob Johnson understood the importance of building a global community surrounding economic thought.  with our counsel and input, they created a website and core brochure in order to provide context for the importance of economic theory and to support research and training around the world. keating provided the strategic counsel in order to illuminate and amplify INET’s initiatives and allow them to put forth their point of view on pressing issues.