our logo, the provoker

a logo is a provoker. it is a creative device that ignites curiosity and sparks emotion.

our logo was designed through carefully chosen color, shape and symbolism. our primary brand color, orange, represents vitality, bold creativity and a boundless enthusiasm for our work and clients. it inspires and stimulates conversation, conveying a sense of approachability and empathy. as an ideas firm, the use of orange affirms our innovative thinking, confidence and differentiating counsel.

the circle represents the comprehensive nature of our messaging and its extensions through various modes of brand expression. simultaneously, it is symbolic of the scale of our work and encompasses the diversity of our clients and our unique history and understanding of local cultures and how they express themselves globally. the circle is infinite, with no beginning or end, representing endurance and stability. it communicates a sense of community that we feel with our clients, working in tandem to achieve the best possible outcomes.

our rendering of the pilcrow was designed to reflect our place in the communications sphere. the symbol has a storied past, as the paragraph sign can mark the beginning of a fresh thought, idea, innovation, definition or meaning. it is how we approach our work and how our story is told by others.

the keating logo represents our brand as a symbol of communication. it is representative of the transformative nature of storytelling and the importance of taking a holistic approach in crafting meaningful messaging.