we pledge allegiance to words

in 1909, the italian poet marinetti published a manifesto celebrating speed, youth, technology and modernity. this manifesto served as the basis for the futurist movement and became famous for its strong language and assertion of the arts and intellect in a rapidly changing italy. manifestos have been used by the likes of communists, feminists, cubists and fascists, and while we may not support some of the aforementioned causes, what we do believe in is a declaration of intention and motivation.

the manifesto is at the core of an identity. as foundational text, it serves to differentiate a person, group, or idea, and often to disrupt the status quo. it’s a commitment to the cause, and an invitation for positive change.

when we think about who we are and what drives our work, we always come back to one thing - words. below is our manifesto and we think it’ll give you a sense of who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

here’s what we know for sure: words matter.

we believe in clarity and consistency, not hype.

we are an ideas firm, living through language. we fearlessly challenge what is said, how it lives and how it is perceived.

we know that ideas become words. and that words have the power to shape and control a narrative.

we pride ourselves on the ability to create memorable and repeatable messaging that uniquely defines and communicates, and which is ultimately heard.

we know that a strong message carries weight and we take pride in our responsibility to uphold its integrity.

we are our clients’ champions. we measure our success on their success and work tirelessly to understand what motivates them.

we know that what you think becomes what you say, and we want to let you be heard.

we are keating.