making the case for lowercase

capital letters are ugly. aggressive. pompous. confrontational. they disrupt the flow of language and distract from meaning. that’s why we’ve decided to oppose convention and exclusively write in lowercase. and while professionally, typing in all lowercase letters can be viewed as informal or as done in error, we have chosen to stylize our work in lowercase because of its sense of familiarity and as a reflection of how we think and what we value.

lowercase letters are less aggressive by nature, more relaxed and more conversational. uppercase letters are jarring and garish - e e cummings made the stylistic choice to use lowercase in his poetry and extended the practice to his signature as a sign of humility. even the weather channel recently announced a move from all uppercase to mixed cases, joking that the change marked an end to their “yelling” of announcements. lowercase letters exude a sense of approachability that we like to convey in our work, in order to foster the best possible relationships with our clients.

we always aim to ‘provoke’ - it’s one of our ceo’s most widely used words - we view every interaction as an opportunity to inspire new thinking. writing in all lowercase is a departure from convention. it is further evidence of our refusal to conform. it displays our inclination to do things differently, provokes thought and better engages those with whom we communicate. in intentionally subverting the standard, writing in all lowercase letters increases the consciousness of the writer to drive purpose with every word. 

lowercase letters are understated. there is a beauty to their curvature, and uninterrupted by the abrasiveness of uppercase letters, that aesthetic is further amplified. lowercase type perpetuates our “no hype” policy - the subtlety of the style lets our content serve as the point of focus. we pride ourselves on our commitment to words and ideas, and stylizing our communication in lowercase letters reinforces that commitment by reducing the elements of type to the essentials.

we've chosen to stylize our work to reflect who we are and to demonstrate our way of thinking. we see the use of lowercase letters as intrinsic to our sense of approachability and to our commitment to the power of words.